characteristic of a living things

On our Biology class, we learnt the 7 characteristics that something must have in order to be a being thing.




  • Reproduction: process which makes a specie grow and to poblate an area.
  • Nutrition: the taking in of materials for energy, growth and development.
  1. Movement: an action done by an organism that causes a change of position or place.
  2. Excretion:  the removal from organisms of the waste products of metabolism.
  3. Sensitivity:  the ability to detect and respond to changes in the environment.
  4. Growth: as time pass the size of the organism increase.
  5. Respiration: different than breathing, the last one is inhaling and exhaling air, while respiration are chemical reaction inside your body.
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  1. Magdalena Ravagnan dijo:

    Good job Pancho!
    Some corrections…
    – Title: Characteristics of living THINGS or ORGANISMS
    -You are describing the picture, so start the sentence with….the picture shows us two of the 7 characteristics of…..
    -Your post is uncategorized.

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