Revision with Sources

In our History class we revised topics from previous years, we made with different sources. In this case I worked together with Luna Perez Muñiz, Bautista Olaizola, Agostina Alday, Tomas Anania and Agustin Segura.


Source 1 (Exercising people):

This is a primary source because it is a photograph originally taken in Hitler’s times. Here we can see German women exercising for school. The value that the photograph had was that if it was published through Germany, people would be proud of their children and of  the new education methods put up by Hiler. One of the most important things that Hitler had in mind were the children and their education since they would be the future of the country.  He wanted every child to grow up fit and already brain-washed with his political ideas, this photograph is evidence that he was succeeding in his objectives.

Source 2 (Woman saluting):

This source is Primary because it is a picture when the Nazis started to be welcome in every place. In the picture a woman is saying hello in a friendly way, like giving support. In this source we can see that the Nazis had the support of the German people. The majority of the Germans liked a powerful army. In the picture a woman is greating a Natzi soldier

Source 3 (Women with baby):

This source is Primary because it was seen by the population in the streets, here you can see an example of propaganda. This one was spread by goebbels to make Germany look like a country in which children and mothers would be safe and healthy. Also showing off the Law for the Encouragement of Marriage. This law stated that all newly married couples would get a government loan of 1000 marks which was about 9 months average income.


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