Sandpiper Activity

This is a video which summarises the story


Worksheet #1

  1. She wanted to avoid patterns because she thought she doesn’t deserve to made them, that nature is in charge of it.
  2. She wants to avoid making troubles, she want to keep everything like it is. She want peace.
  3. This balancing in the stones means she needs to decide between her family or her daughter.
  4. The sea symbolize the protagonist life, that she is constantly going foward and back again, this means she is always thinking in living her husband but then she realize she will lose her daughter.
  5. The image that she present to us means that she doesn’t want to lose her roots, were she came from, but she couldn’t do it because of all the new things in her life.


Worksheet #2

  1. She wants to understand why her husband has changed so much, she’s also trying to adapt in the society for him (her husband).
  2. She is always reverting to her country because she’s alone, unadapted and, everything is different and strange for her.
  3. Paragraph 2 talks about the sea and it’s waves, how they are all different, from size and strength.
  4. They had been happy before she was left alone and her husband has changed, with the new culture came new problems. Also less communication and less love.
  5. When they were un U.K they used to do things that couples do, like going to the park and staying all the time together. When they moved to africa everything changed, they were now distanced.


Worksheet #3

  1. She compares her country, UK, to Africa, and how much important is one to another.
  2. She was very happy, her baby would be the one that will avoid her leaving africa. Because of her baby she will sacrifice her happiness.
  3. This quotation refers to her present moment and how she’s feeling, lonely and lost.
  4. What she want’s to transmit is that she would have liked to raise her daughter in the UK and not in Africa. Because if she was raised in the UK things would have been different, she would had been able to leave Africa at any moment.
  5. She wasn’t able to do a thing, her husband nanny wouldn’t let her do anything in the house. Everyone told her to go and do something fun and that she like, but for her all those thing are in the UK.
  6. She can’t leave her husband because that would mean leave lucy, her daughter, too. She thinks that lucy needs her and his father. So she will wait until her daughter is old enough to decide if she want’s to live with her father or her mother.


Worksheet  #4

  1. The protagonist feels good this way, she’s like the pillar that hold her daughter, she likes this because it’s the only thing she’s able to do.
  2. This is the calm and peace she has with her daughter, because she is by her side.
  1.    A woman would feel sad and without any power. Because she’s she’s in a country she       doesn’t know.
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