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Festas do Brasil

Nas aulas de portugues nos vimos as festas mas importantes do Brasil. Esta é uma imagen que mostra as datas do as festas.

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Online Language Test

Task 1 I chose the poem called white comedy because i was interested in it’s title, because I was intreged. What would he say? How will he say it? At the end Zephaniah express how we live in a «white» … Sigue leyendo

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BookTube: Shutter Island

Our teacher of language, Pilar Pando, told us to do a review of a book. In my case, Shutter Island, she also told to talk about certain topic. I talked about the setting, the characters and the plot.

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Berlin Blockade

Our teacher of history, Lenny Ambrosini, told to complete the following chart. Wich is about the berlin blockade.   Then we have to answer the following questions, also about from the berlin blockade: 1. Berlin was totally devastated, the allies … Sigue leyendo

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Enzymes and Temperature: Lab work

Our biology teacher told us to do an experiment the task is in her blog.   a- Why did you leave the potato and the test tube in the water baths before the experiment? b- State:   – the independent … Sigue leyendo

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