Berlin Blockade

Our teacher of history, Lenny Ambrosini, told to complete the following chart. Wich is about the berlin blockade.

Berlin blockade_01


Then we have to answer the following questions, also about from the berlin blockade:

1. Berlin was totally devastated, the allies divide the whole city in 4. One for each country, France, Great Britain, USA and USSR. Life was insecure and confusing, the people didn’t know what was going to happen, it was unpredictable.

2. The soviets decided to impose communism over it’s zone, also the USSR kept his zone of berlin in bad conditions. She wanted to keep it crippled so it won’t recover fast.

3. Because it lead to a dead end, after the unification of the anti-communist stalin decided to isolate his zone.

4. The airlift showed how much was USA disposed to defeat the USSR and communism.

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