In the subject of Language & Literature we have been learning many different linking words. After revising the theory and doing some exercises in the booklet, we split into groups and each made a poster of a group of connectors. Lucila and I worked on the contrast connectors.

Then, we had to prepare some exercises for other students to complete with these words.

  1. _________ the danger he appeared relaxed.
  2. I absolutely must see him. __________ it is very painful for me to do so.
  3. It was an old song. __________ it was a favorite when they performed it.
  4. She tried to remain cheerful __________  she had failed the test.
  5. His perspective was unique, ____________ that of anyone else she’d ever met.
  6. She objected at first, ___________ finally submitted.
  7.  _________ phone numbers are often unlisted and guarded, e-mail addresses are frequently public.
  8.  __________ the odds are remote, this could certainly happen.
  9. It would just take several hours ___________ to a few minutes.
  10. __________ her decision not to, she glanced out the window.



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